Your guide to utilizing the library as a gallery space and center for the arts is here. LIBRARY OUT LOUD illustrates the power of programming to draw attention to the library as a cultural center.

Typically, when you think of the world's most prestigious civic institution [the public library], you generally think about the books. However, we speak out for libraries to help you "think beyond the books." 

poets at the library

Our goal is to promote the library as a place for all things information. Sure, you may read a book to study poetry yet we invite you to attend a spoken word workshop at the library. You may read a book to study music yet we invite you to take piano lessons at the library. You may read a book to study art techniques yet we invite you to take art lessons at the library. And of course, you may read a book jacket to learn more about an author yet we invite you to attend an author meet and greet at the library.

In essence, we don't want you to merely go to the library; we want you to "experience the library." Your friends at LIBRARY OUT LOUD are here to help you "bring your library to life" and redefine your expectations of the library. We channel library assessments to broadcast the beauty of public libraries.


Collection Connection:

LIBRARY OUT LOUD Poetry at The Library programs offer a safe-space for poetry readings and provide an ideal pathway to market your library's poetry collection.

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Collection Connection:

LIBRARY OUT LOUD Music at The Library programs allow you to position a free music concert, in efforts to increase traffic at your library and to discover a designated demographic for your library's music collection.

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Collection Connection:

LIBRARY OUT LOUD Art at The Library programs increase the visibility of your library, as the community comes in to view your art exhibitions; thus creating an audience to explore your library's art collection.

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Since 1993


Our mission is to position library programs as a library assessment tool, in efforts to increase circulation and traffic, enhance library acquisitions, and foster information literacy.


Additional Scribes and Vibes LIBRARY OUT LOUD programs include:

  • Achieving Wellness with Apps
  • Authors Hour
  • Beyond The Walls of The Library
  • Coffee & Coloring
  • Expressable Ink Art Exhibitions
  • Friends Need Friends
  • Library After Hours
  • Library IoT
  • Local Author Expo
  • Makerspace Mondays
  • Mindful Mondays
  • Music and Movement Storytime
  • Pop-Up Storytime
  • Rhythm & Rhymes
  • Rhythm & Rhymes Ice Cream Social
  • Rhythm & Rhymes Storytime
  • Seniors Day at The Library
  • Seniors Read Storytime
  • Smartphones & Tablets Decoded
  • STEM & STEAM For Seniors
  • The Book Exchange
  • Yoga at The Library

Think Digital...

It's time to access the library's information from anywhere and at anytime...

It's time to experience the library BEYOND THE WALLS OF THE LIBRARY! We invite you to Rethink The Library... We want you to remember: "THERE'S AN APP FOR THAT."

Think Library IoT! The internet of things provides endless opportunities to remotely access your library's information science - in real-time - seamlessly across multiple platforms.